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What is a selfie?

We want you to believe in yourself, your beauty, and your ability to boost your confidence. Others can see you without graphic filters. Your real and beautiful self.

The purpose of this platform is to increase people's self-confidence without negative and bad comments, just by voting between one and ten. This platform includes different categories, to which more diverse competition will be added in the next eternities.

You can participate in one or more competitions with the relevant subject of your photo only as a selfie. Of course with your own creativity, others rate your selfie and creativity, or just participate in rating your friends and loved ones and rate them from one to ten.

At the end of each week, the app sponsor pays a prize to the selected winner. We hope you contribute to boosting self-confidence and connecting with your friends and family.

Some winners of previous courses

Every week we have winners whose names you can see on the winner's list

Sponsors and prizes

Every week and in every category, prizes that include fifty to thousand dollar gift cards will be paid to the winners, that is, the people who have the highest points at the end of every week in each category. The sponsors who pay the prizes will be introduced to the participants during the week and their names will be introduced next to the list of winners.

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